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Septic pipe installed house to tank.

Installing septic field

Septic Tank Installation

Septic system completed ready for backfill.

From septic tank to septic field.

Backfilling and grading septic system.



Large commercial septic system concrete galleries installed.

New garage addition insatlled an unexpected boulder hole.

Utility conduit installed to transformer pads

Infiltrators used in septic systems, water filtration & also for draining roof rain liter water.

Prefab foundation insatlled & backfilled

House foundation installed and backfilled.

Sewer connection 23 feet below ground at street

Prefab house city water & sewer connections installed.

Garage foundation installed and backfilled

Sewer connection at house

Prep Work before Millings

Millings installed

Millings installed order them while they last

BCL Construction Excavation

Coventry, CT 06238


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